Science Domain International: an Open Peer Reviewed Journal

ScienceDomain International is a new and promising publisher of STM journals from India. The transparent and robust “Open Peer Review” model of SDI journals is very appreciable and significant for the academic community. They publish the entire Review History along with the manuscripts after completion of review process depending on the expert reviewers’ suggestions and recommendations. In 2013 an article published in famous Science journal (, which reported that out of total 304 journals, only 20 journals rejected a fake article after substantial peer review. Science Domain International journal was among these few successful journals. It also provides wide indexing coverage and provides public proof for every claim of indexing. It also renders the service of perpetual archiving with Portico, DOI for every article, plagiarism checking for each submission, etc. Their remarkable contributions are recognized by many academic organizations as mentioned below:

  1. Science Domain International is a voting member of Crossref

(Please see here: CrossRef is an association of scholarly publishers that develops shared infrastructure to support more effective scholarly communications. Famous publishers like Elsevier, Nature, Springer, etc are also voting members of crossref.

  1. Many respected indexing organizations indexed our journals after strict evaluation. Quality and authenticity of any journal is evaluated by these official organizations. Please see here:
  2. Many scientists from world famous universities like Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, etc kept faith on the quality of our journals and published their valuable papers with us. Please see here:
  3. We publish peer review reports of all published papers. This transparent OPEN peer review process is considered most authentic and robust by many researchers (
  4. Famous Science journal (IF: 31) report confirmed the high standard of Science Domain International journal. Please see here:
  5. Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland Govt. included Science Domain International journals in its official report. Please see here:
  6. Index Medicus (under World Health organization) selected our journals
  7. Science Domain International is now member of PORTICO for Permanent Digital Archiving of SDI journals
  8. US National Library of Medicine (NLM) Catalog included Science Domain International journals please see here:

As a result of these achievements, many scientists from world’s famous universities like Harvard, Columbia University, Cambridge, University of Chicago, Yale University, University of Göttingen, etc. published their scientific works with Science Domain journals. All these examples clearly indicates their stand against the working principle of some fake publishers, who don’t provide any peer review service and don’t provide the basic services of a standard scholarly publisher.

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