Great opportunity for the scientists and scholars to publish their findings and research papers

SCIENCE DOMAIN international offers a great opportunity to the scientists and scholars to publish their findings and research papers, so that the interested readers can easily access them through internet free of cost. Sciencedomain provide transparent advanced open peer review, indexing, DOI service, permanent digital archiving with Portico, etc. This publisher claims that a dedicated indexing team is working to include all journals in reputed indexing services or journal evaluation services or catalogue or reference citations, etc. As a result, within a short span of time their journals have been included in many databases and the number is increasing every month.

It is really commendable that this publisher strongly encourage authors to take more informed decision before submission of any manuscript. In order to help the authors to take ‘more informed decision’ and to substantiate their claims, this publisher is providing web-links/proofs beside most of their claims of indexing or journal evaluation services. They also advise that authors should visit the official site of the indexing organization or journal evaluation services before submitting any manuscript. This is really a good example for any publisher and authors may appreciate their efforts to maintain integrity and transparency.


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