Assessment of Traditional Medicinal Plants Used for Treatment of Human Diseases in Oromia Region, West Shewa Zone: Jeldu Woreda, Ethiopia


Most of the information regarding traditional medicinal plants are still in the hands of traditional vendors, and knowledge of vendors is either lost or passed orally from generation to next generation. This study aimed to survey and document the currently used plants by herbalists in Jeldu Woreda and record their medicinal usage and mode of preparation. Due to most of the vendors of traditional medicinal plants in Jeldu Woreda are alliterated, the data was gathered by supported questionnaire from both vendors and the users of this traditional medicinal plants. The study was limited to traditional medicinal plants which used to treat diseases related to skin, digestive system and circulatory system. The technique used to select the sample from the traditional medicinal plant venders was available sampling since the number of venders in the selected site is not large in number. Thus all the traditional medicinal plant venders in Jeldu Woreda were the respondents of the study. From selected research site about 21 medicinal plants vendorsand 47 users were participated in the study. The finding of the study concluded that there were some plants used to treat some human disease in Jeldu Woreda. Therefore, this research tried to document some medicinal plants used to treat human gastrointestinal, skin and other diseases by including the mode of preparation and how to apply. In this research about 68 respondents have participated. Out of those respondents, 21 were vendors of medicinal plants while 47 were users of medicinal plants. According to data from the medicinal plant vendors and users total of 26 plant species were identified with an identification of the plants’ part with medicinal value. Also, the modes of preparation and mode of application were described in this research. Among this plants species, more than half of them used to treat digestive system disease. From the 26 plant species about half of those plants were recorded for their ability to treat skin disease. The application of the prepared medicine on the skin is mostly by painting the liquidified medicine from plant on infected skin.

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