Research on Human Vehicle Accident Reconstruction supported AEB System

Accident reconstruction refers to the physical activity of inferring the accident method in line with the traces left by the accident participants, the ultimate posi-tion, the participation within the automobile injury and therefore the injury of the participants, so the testimony of the participants and eyewitnesses. It not solely provides a basis for the identification of the faults of each parties, however additionally provides information support for accident interference and vehicle active safety analysis and analysis. This paper studies the essential theory of accident reconstruction, and uses PC-Crash package to reconstruct thirty accidents, and acquire parameters like vehicle, human motion parameters and relative position before, throughout and once collision. o the ground, he turned and walked out the door. Well, I will ask you again, why do you advocate the implementation of the piece rate system in a factory like Shangjili Weaving Factory The reason and the fact that CCNP Collaboration 300-085 the farmer is the same as the household, the enthusiasm can only be exerted if the labor effort of the worker is linked to the wage income. Changsheng people hang a thick curtain in the middle of his office and put a table behind the curtain. He quickly greeted the door. When he poured the tea, his hand was a little shaken.

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