Peer Review History: Analysis of Occupational Hazards and Poverty Profile among Cassava Processors in Oyo State, Nigeria

The study examined effect of occupational hazards on poverty status of cassava processors in the study area. Specifically, the study profiled the cassava processors based on their poverty status and determined the factors influencing it. It identifies the general processing activities, the occupational hazard associated with cassava processing and safety measures used.

A multistage sampling technique was applied. Three local governments areas (LGAs) were purposively selected based on large cassava producers and processors in the area. Two wards each from the LGAs, forms the second stage and the processors were selected using. In all, 215 cassava processors from the study area were used for the study. Data obtained were analyzed using descriptive statistics and Ordinary least square regression analysis. The result showed that the mean age of the cassava processors is 48 years. It also revealed that majority of the cassava processor in the study area were women (86.51%) and married (77.21%). The mean household size in the study area was7 persons and it implies that the cassava processors had fairly large household size. The average years spent in school was 7 years. The regression analysis result revealed that poverty status of the cassava processors is influenced by household size (5%), work experience (10%), cost of treatment for eye irritation (5%) and general cut (1%). Inhalation of smoke ranked highest among the occupation hazard identified while the least rank in this category was damage done to the lungs due to inhaled smoke. The use of sun hats/ caps to prevent excessive heat ranked highest amongst the safety measure adopted to combat the occupational hazard.  It was recommended that extension agent should further enlighten and orientate the processors on the importance of using safety guards such as foot wear so as to prevent snake bite, use of modern methods of processing cassava that will minimize or eradicate the identified hazards in the study area.


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