Peer Review History: Mitotic Studies and Genotoxic Assessment of Edible Nigerian Aroids to Selected Oilfield Chemicals

The genotoxic potentials of two water-based oilfield chemicals on edible aroids were investigated. Five accessions of Colocasia eculenta and three accessions of Xanthosoma maffafa were exposed to graded concentrations of sodium azide and potassium chromate; while the accessions without any chemical additive were used as controls. Results revealed that the peak periods of cell division were recorded between 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm in both the treated and control accessions. Metaphase cells increased after prophase cells and continued mostly between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm. Variations observed with the treatments included: shifts of metaphase peaks, high percentages of prophase cells, high intensity of cytoplasmic staining and induction of micronuclei among others. Sodium azide was observed to be a stronger genotoxic substance than potassium chromate. Accession NCe 001 had the highest survival rate while NCe 002 recorded the least rate of survival. Statistical evidence revealed that the difference in various mitotic stages and time of harvest between different accessions and treatments was significant at both 5% and 1%. The study provides useful information that would be used to promote cytogenetic researches as well as the exploitation and improvement of this neglected and underexploited economic plant.

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