Press Release on Silkworm Research: February -2019

The complete mitochondrial ordination of the wild silkworm genus Bombyx mandarina strain Fengtien

Here, we have a tendency to report the entire mitochondrial ordering of arthropod genus mandarina strain Fengtien. The ordering is fifteen,682 bp long and contains a sometimes preserved thirty seven animate being genes (13 protein-coding genes, 2 ribosomal ribonucleic acid genes, twenty two transfer RNA genes ANd an A + T-rich region). The A + T-rich region of B. mandarina Fengtien contains just one copy of the repeat part of a 126-bp as found in Chinese B. mandarina. A biological process analysis provides a solid proof that B. mandarina Fengtien belongs to Chinese B. mandarina, instead of Japanese B. mamdarina. The mitochondrial ordering can offer helpful data for the origin of this day silkworm. [1]

Baculoviral infection reduces the expression of 4 matter proteins of silkworm insect

Silkworm (Bombyx mori) larvae are wide wont to categorical exogenous proteins. Moreover, some silkworm immature proteins are often used as drug‐loading materials for selfexpressed oral tolerance medicine. However, many proteins expressed in silkworm pupae cause severe allergies in humans and animals. apparently, some baculovirus vectors are shown to change the host factor and its expression in insect cells, however this has not been confirmed in silkworm. Here, we have a tendency to analyzed the results of infection with associate empty B. mori baculovirus (BmNPV) vector on silkworm immature supermolecule expression. employing a genetic science approach, the allergens thiol peroxiredoxin (Jafrac1), 27‐kDa conjugated protein (p27k), essential amino acid enzyme, and paramyosin likewise as thirty two extra differentially expressed proteins were known. Downregulation of the ribonucleic acid expression of the four acknowledged allergens was discovered when BmNPV infection; resultant changes in supermolecule expression were confirmed by the western blot analysis mistreatment polyclonal antibodies ready with recombinant proteins of the four allergens. conjointly, these knowledge indicate that the four acknowledged allergens of silkworm pupae are often reduced by infection ith associate empty BmNPV vector to extend the security of silkworm pupa‐based exogenous supermolecule expression and drug delivery of oral prescription drugs. additionally, the four recombinant matter proteins could contribute to the diagnosing of allergic diseases of silkworm insect. [2]

High-quality genome assembly of the silkworm, Bombyx mori

In 2008, the ordering assembly and factor models for the domestic silkworm, bombycid moth, were revealed by a Japanese and Chinese collaboration cluster. However, the ordering assembly contains a non-negligible range of misassembled and gap regions because of the presence of the many repetitive sequences at intervals the silkworm ordering. The incorrect ordering assembly often causes incorrect factor prediction. Here we have a tendency to performed hybrid assembly supported 140 × deep sequencing of long (PacBio) and short (Illumina) reads. The remaining gaps within the initial ordering assembly were closed mistreatment BAC and Fosmid sequences, giving a replacement total length of 460.3 Mb, with thirty gap regions ANd an N50 comprising sixteen.8 Mb in scaffolds and twelve.2 Mb in contigs. additional RNA-seq and piRNA-seq reads were mapped on the new ordering assembly compared with the previous version, indicating that the new ordering assembly covers additional transcribed regions, as well as repetitive components. we have a tendency to performed factor prediction supported the new ordering assembly mistreatment obtainable mRNA and macromolecule sequence information. the amount of factor models was sixteen,880 with AN N50 of 2154 bp. The new factor models mirrored additional correct writing sequences and factor sets than previous ones. The proportion of repetitive components was additionally reestimated mistreatment the new ordering assembly, and was calculated to be forty six.8% within the silkworm ordering. The new ordering assembly and factor models are provided in SilkBase. [3]

Scientists simply Created Silkworms That Spin Super-Strong Spider Silk

When silkworms spin their cocoons in order that they will transition from caterpillar to lepidopteran, they manufacture one among the foremost valuable fibres within the world. currently a team of researchers has altered silkworm genes so, additionally to manufacturing their own silk, they spin that of another creature – the golden orb weaver spider

Spider silk is unimaginable stuff. it’s astonishingly high durability and plasticity, that conjointly makes it astonishingly robust. It’s stronger than steel, in fact, however terribly versatile and light-weight, which implies it probably might be used for an entire vary of fascinating applications. [4]

Non-target Host Immune sequence Modulation in Transgenic Silkworm domestic silkworm moth invested with RNAi Silence BmNPV Genes

Aim: To reveal differential expression of host- response genes activated when nuclear polyhedro viral infection in transgenic silkworm domestic silkworm moth creature associated to point out an influence of ‘BmNPV transgenes’ on expression pattern of host- response genes.

Study Design: Relative expression profile of immune genes was analysed when BmNPV infection in transgenic and non-transgenic larvae by period of time PCR.

Place and period of Study: genetics Division, Seribiotech research lab, Bangalore, India; 2014 Jan – 2016 Gregorian calendar month.

Methodology: Expression of immune genes encryption parts of Toll and melanisation pathways was analysed in third arthropod larvae of transgenic B. mori line mff118B by quantitative PCR at zero, 6, nine and twenty four h when BmNPV infection and compared with infected non-transgenic larvae. a major distinction in relative expression was analyzed by Students’t – check or analysis of variance and correlation in expression pattern, by regression within the likelihood distribution of Y as a perform of X, at significance level P < zero.05. [5]


[1] Zhao L, Zhang RS, Chen DB, Bian HX, Liu X, Wang H, Jiang YR, Li YP, Liu YQ. The complete mitochondrial genome of the wild silkworm Bombyx mandarina strain Shenyang. Mitochondrial DNA Part B. 2019 Jan 2;4(1):991-2. (web link)

[2] Ling XD, Dong WT, Zhang Y, Hu JJ, Zhang WD, Wu JT, Liu JX, Zhao XX. Baculoviral infection reduces the expression of four allergen proteins of silkworm pupa. Archives of insect biochemistry and physiology. 2019 Feb 21:e21539. (web link)

[3] Kawamoto M, Jouraku A, Toyoda A, Yokoi K, Minakuchi Y, Katsuma S, Fujiyama A, Kiuchi T, Yamamoto K, Shimada T. High-quality genome assembly of the silkworm, Bombyx mori. Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. 2019 Feb 23. (web link)

[4] Scientists Just Created Silkworms That Spin Super-Strong Spider Silk

MICHELLE STARR, 8 AUG 2018 (web link)

[5] Non-target Host Immune Gene Modulation in Transgenic Silkworm Bombyx mori Endowed with RNAi Silence BmNPV Genes

Burdekar Varada

Seribiotech Research Laboratory, CSB-Kodathi Campus, Carmelaram P.O., Bangalore -560035, Karnataka, India

Appukuttan Nair R. Pradeep

Seribiotech Research Laboratory, CSB-Kodathi Campus, Carmelaram P.O., Bangalore -560035, Karnataka, India

Arvind K. Awasthi

Seribiotech Research Laboratory, CSB-Kodathi Campus, Carmelaram P.O., Bangalore -560035, Karnataka, India

Vankadara Sivaprasad

Central Sericultural Research and Training Institute, Sriramapura, Mysore, Karnataka, India

Kankayam M. Ponnuvel

Seribiotech Research Laboratory, CSB-Kodathi Campus, Carmelaram P.O., Bangalore -560035, Karnataka, India

Rakesh K. Mishra

National Silkworm Seed Organization, Central Silk Board, Bangalore-560068, Karnataka, India (web link)

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