News Update on Language studies Research: May – 2019

Exploring the relationship between productive vocabulary knowledge and second language oral ability

The current study investigated the extent to that L2 learners’ productive vocabulary information might predict multiple dimensions of spontaneous vocalization. a complete of thirty-nine English as a remote language (EFL) participants with variable L2 proficiency levels 1st completed a productive vocabulary information task (Lex30). Their spontaneous speech, evoked via a series of image description tasks, was then assessed for understandability (i.e. easy understanding), accentedness (i.e. linguistic nativelikeness) and fluency (i.e. speech rate). The findings showed that the productive vocabulary scores considerably correlative with L2 fluency, however not with understandability or accentedness. These results counsel that enhanced L2 learners, as measured by productive vocabulary scores, could speak ad lib with fewer pauses and repetitions, and at a quicker tempo. Finally, future analysis directions are mentioned with a spotlight on the relationships between vocabulary information and speaking. [1]

A Bourdieusian perspective on child agency in family language policy

This paper investigates kid agency in Ethiopian and Colombian exile families in New Sjaelland. rising scholarship has highlighted ways that within which children’s actions could influence family language policies. However, the prevailing descriptions are usually not embedded in an exceedingly wider social theory, and have usually not enclosed refugees. This study attracts on three years of ethnographical observations, interviews with twenty nine mothers and seventeen kids and recordings of present home interactions from 3 families. The families were a part of a governmental programme for the relocation of refugees. information from each ethnic communities indicate that kids influence their parents’ socialisation practices through (1) metalinguistic comments, (2) medium requests, (3) language brokering, (4) mental object socialisation and (5) majority teaching. As a theoretical contribution, I argue that kid agency is most profitably understood on paper inside a Bourdieusian framework of structure and agency. At a a lot of micro-level, the notion of ‘cleft-habitus’ provides a great tool to debate the consequences of the children’s divergent cultural socialisation. From a sensible perspective, targeting kids together with folks is also helpful for promoting language maintenance efforts. [2]

Most and Least: Differences in Integer Comparisons Based on Temperature Comparison Language

The language concerned in de-contextualized whole number comparisons poses challenges, as students might interpret “most” supported absolute values instead of on order. victimisation the context of temperature, we tend to explored however students’ whole number price comparisons differed supported question phrasing (which temperature is hottest, most hot, least hot, coldest, most cold, least cold) and on numbers bestowed (positive, negative, mixed). Participants enclosed eighty eight second graders and seventy fourth graders from a rural administrative district within the western USA, and every student resolved thirty six whole number comparisons. For comparisons with positive variety selections, students had a lot of issue with “coldest” than “hottest”; but, the results were reversed for comparisons with solely negative variety selections. once operating with mixed comparisons, students usually selected the smallest amount of the cold as hostile the least cold, suggesting that they saw hot and cold as categorical opposites instead of opposites on a time, with zero as a boundary. [3]

Perceptual constraints on colours induce the universality of linguistic colour categorization

The universal linguistic color categorisation pattern as evident within the World color Survey (WCS) has been a principal focus of investigations on the connection between language and psychological feature, nevertheless most existing studies have didn’t clarify whether or not this generality resulted primarily from individual sensory activity constraints and/or socio-cultural transmissions. This paper designed associate degree agent-based, unsupervised  learning model to handle the relative importance of those 2 aspects to linguistic color categorisation. By directly examination with the empirical knowledge within the WCS, our study incontestible that: the physical color stimuli that mirror human sensory activity constraints on colors trigger a categorisation pattern quantitatively resembling the WCS knowledge, the irregular stimuli that distort such constraints cause distinct categorisation patterns, and therefore the processes of linguistic categorisation in each cases follow similar dynamics. These results reveal however sensory activity and socio-cultural factors move with one another to trigger linguistic generality, and function decisive proof that human sensory activity constraints induce the generality in linguistic categorisation, nevertheless socio-cultural transmissions, tho’ imperative, play associate degree auxiliary role of transcribing sensory activity constraints into common linguistic classes with slight variations. [4]

Aligning the Teaching of English Literature in Malaysian Context: A Narrative Review

This paper reports on the review of existing scholarships and analysis articles on the teaching of English literature. A important inquiry emerges inside the canvass of land Literature Teaching (ELT), a large corpus of existing problems, from the prescribed texts to the education approaches used. within the try and map the unclear inquiry with its riposte, this study is aimed toward conceptualizing the establishment by synthesizing pertinent literature. Overall, the findings yielded implication that might supply theoretical, novel and empirical suggests that for the long run teaching of English literature that patently remains beset with various challenges. Thus, the review concludes with recommendations by advocating basic tenets; intercultural and choice of texts variables to be pragmatically used for future researches. [5]


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