News Update on Intrinsic Motivation Research: May – 2019

Openness to Experience Enhances Creativity: The Mediating Role of Intrinsic Motivation and the Creative Process Engagement

Studies indicate that there’s a positive relationship between openness to expertise and ability. However, comparatively very little attention has been given to the mechanism of this relationship. On the premise of previous findings, we have a tendency to hypothesized a abstract model and tested the mediating role of intrinsic motivation and therefore the artistic method engagement within the relationship between openness to expertise and ability. 100 and ninety‐eight undergraduates in Asian nation participated within the study and completed a web live of openness to new expertise, creativity, intrinsic motivation, and therefore the artistic method engagement. according to the hypothesis, those that scored high on openness reported  high intrinsic motivation. The high motivation increased engagement in creativity‐related activities, that successively, improved self‐rated ability. The findings not solely shed light-weight on mechanisms that underlie within the openness‐creativity linkage however they conjointly highlight the importance of intrinsic motivation and inventive method engagement in the linkage. Together, the study extends the impact of temperament attribute on ability and offers a brand new direction for future studies. [1]

Feature Control as Intrinsic Motivation for Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning

One of the most issues of deep reinforcement learning (DRL) is that the knowledge unskillfulness drawback, that stems each from associate degree inability to completely utilize knowledge nonheritable and from naive exploration methods. so as to alleviate these issues, we tend to propose a DRL formula that aims to enhance knowledge potency via each the use of empty-handed experiences and therefore the exploration strategy by combining ideas from unattended auxiliary tasks, intrinsic motivation, and stratified reinforcement learning (HRL). Our methodology is predicated on an easy HRL design with a metacontroller and a subcontroller. The subcontroller is as such actuated by the metacontroller to be told to regulate aspects of the surroundings, with the intention of giving the agent: 1) a neural illustration that’s generically helpful for tasks that involve manipulation of the surroundings and 2) the power to explore the environment during a temporally extended manner through the management of the metacontroller. during this method, we tend to reinterpret the notion of pixel- and feature-control auxiliary tasks as reusable skills which will be learned via an intrinsic reward. we tend to judge our methodology on variety of Atari 2600 games. we tend to found that it outperforms the baseline in many environments and considerably improves performance in one amongst the toughest games–Montezuma’s revenge–for that the power to utilize thin knowledge is essential. we tend to found that the inclusion of intrinsic reward is crucial for the advance within the performance which most of the profit looks to be derived from the representations learned throughout coaching. [2]

How Does Intrinsic Motivation Improve Auditor Judgment in Complex Audit Tasks?

Intrinsic motivation is mostly thought to be absolutely related to performance on a spread of tasks. However, there’s solely thin experimental proof supporting this idea and that we grasp very little concerning the particular mechanisms behind any result. we tend to develop theory concerning however auditors’ intrinsic motivation for his or her jobs will improve their judgments about complicated accounting estimates. we tend to through an experiment take a look at whether or not a prompt to form auditors’ intrinsic motivation for his or her jobs salient improves the particular scientific discipline behaviors necessary for high‐quality judgments in complicated audit tasks. It does: Prompted auditors attend to a broader set of knowledge, method info a lot of deeply, and request a lot of relevant additional proof. Supplemental associatealyses show that these process behaviors mediate between salient intrinsic motivation and an improved ability to spot a biased complicated estimate. Our theory and analyses indicate that auditors’ intrinsic motivation for his or her work provides distinctive worth for rising judgment quality, significantly within the context of acting complicated audit tasks. Our study supports the read that high‐quality psychological feature process will improve auditors’ skilled skepticism by providing a foundation for skeptical judgments. [3]

Invertebrate disgust reduction in and out of school and its effects on state intrinsic motivation

Invertebrates are utilized in environmental, biology, and science education. However, they will elicit disgust, which might be prejudicial for psychological feature and learning outcomes. additionally, sensible work as well as active interaction with living invertebrates can be a viable thanks to scale back invertebrate disgust and strengthen state intrinsic motivation. Moreover, Big-Five temperament could justify the students’ reaction to the exposure with live invertebrates. Therefore, this study tested the results of associate degree intervention with living invertebrates on disgust and state intrinsic motivation during a sample of 1861 students (age 10–12 years). Moreover, we tend to tested whether or not associate degree in-school or an free intervention was additional productive in reducing disgust as compared to the management cluster. whereas disgust was measured at pre- and post-test, attribute motivation was measured at pre-test and state intrinsic motivation was measured at post-test. Results show that whereas each treatment conditions reduced disgust quite the control, the free condition had a additional pronounced disgust reduction than the college condition. Disgust was negatively associated with state intrinsic motivation, however state intrinsic motivation was equally high in each treatment conditions (school and university). sociableness was negatively and mental disturbance was completely associated with disgust. Big-Five temperament was usually related to state intrinsic motivation. last, invertebrate disgust may be with success reduced by associate degree intervention with live invertebrates. The workstation-based intervention with live invertebrates is helpful in numerous settings, each in and out of faculty and effective with invertebrate species, particularly with snails and mealworms, as a result of children’s disgust for these species was considerably reduced and lower disgust was associated with higher state intrinsic motivation [4]

Integrating Instructional Video Drama to Enhance Islamic Studies Students’ Intrinsic Motivation: An Experimental Research

The purpose of this analysis is to explore the impact of tutorial video drama integration in teaching Moslem studies to reinforce students’ intrinsic motivation. sampling technique was used by the research worker to pick sixty subjects of the study from college for Arabic studies, Kano. Similarly, the themes were every which way selected into either management or experimental cluster. when the experiment, Associate in Nursing tailored form mensuration students’ intrinsic motivation was administered to each teams. to feature additional validity to quantitative information, 3 students were deliberately selected  from the experimental cluster and interviewed on the result of the video on their intrinsic motivation. freelance sample t-test may be a applied math tool utilized by the research worker to see statistically important distinction of the mean score between the experimental and management cluster. Besides that, inductive analysis technique was used to analyse qualitative information (interview). The result disclosed the documentation between the 2 information sets (survey and interview). Students within the experimental cluster reported  higher intrinsic motivation than those in the management group. Thus, it might be over that the video features a important result on enchasing students’ intrinsic motivation whereas learning Moslem studies and this study is a bench mark for group action tutorial video drama in teaching Islamic studies in secondary colleges. [5]


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