News Update on Agricultural Training Research: May – 2019

Plant nematology: an agricultural training aid. (Revised).

This second edition is AN enlarged version of the primary that was revealed in 1977. It consists of 3 major sections. the primary deals with such wide-ranging topics as nematode worm diversity, replica, mobility, feeding of plant parasitic forms, assortment and labelling of samples, spreading strategies and cultural, chemical and physical suggests that of management. The second section is bothered with laboratory procedures and is explained and illustrated in a very ordered manner. Techniques coated embrace examination of material, staining, extraction strategies, preservation of nematodes and preparation of temporary mounts. the ultimate section contains info on every of the most important genera of plant parasitic nematodes found within the USA organized underneath the headings ‘Biology and Life Cycle’, ‘Host Symptoms’ and ‘Hosts and Distribution’. The appendices embrace a listing of elite references pertinent to the text and summarized safety precautions for field and laboratory personnel.This book is well illustrated by a teemingness of informative pictures and drawings while the text is each apothegmatic and lucid. As AN introduction to plant nematology it ought to prove a useful guide to those however to realize proficiency during this field. [1]

Gender and Education: Towards a Framework for a Critical Analysis of Agricultural Training

Studies of education are associate degree example of developments in feminist rural studies that move debates concerning gender and power on the far side the currently substantial discussions of farming. The work of Shortall (Sociologia ruralis 1996) has been crucial in reviewing current literatures on agriculture and education, and characteristic a number of the {ways|ways that|ways in that} coaching perpetuates dominant processes of socialization which differentially form men’s and women’s experiences. This paper contributes to those developments by proposing the necessity for a in theory sophisticated framework to guide feminist academic analyses. we have a tendency to argue that notions of gender and in theory reflective action‐oriented methodologies must be thought of in establishing such analyses. we have a tendency to then discuss however ideas of seriality, discourse associate degreed agency give broad tools that support an inquiry into the contexts, operation, participants and outcomes of agricultural coaching systems. These dimensions are integrated as a framework of study. we have a tendency to within sight sketching out areas of potential more dialogue on the approach bestowed. [2]

Forging New Partnerships: Lessons from the Dissemination of Agricultural Training Videos in Benin

Purpose: this text evaluates the dissemination and use of rice coaching videos by radio stations, farmers, farmer associations and extension services in Benin. It pays attention to positive deviants and method innovation inside a ‘hands-off experiment’.

Design/methodology/approach: mistreatment questionnaires and checklists we have a tendency to interviewed leaders of radio stations, extension services of 9 municipalities and arranged focus discussions with thirteen farmer associations. Interviews targeted on the processes of video dissemination/acquirement and also the use and utility of the video.

Findings: The business radio of Glazoué developed persuasive adverts and oversubscribed most of the 240 VCDs to farmers and extension services, whereas the community radios distributed most VCDs freed from charge. concerning 2 hundredth of all the VCDs were oversubscribed, suggesting that farmers square measure desirous to invest in feat data. Extension services nonheritable the rice videos in varied ways that, indicating the requirement to inject videos via multiple pathways into the agricultural innovation system. looking the farmer-to-farmer videos throughout employees conferences gave extension agents a lot of confidence to act with farmers.

Practical implications: Videos don’t got to be distributed to any or all farmer associations within the same village, as dissemination might surface between totally different associations. Farmers appreciate looking videos with their families if they’re out there in their native language. once appropriate language versions aren’t out there, cluster viewing is a lot of acceptable.

Originality/value: The farmer-to-farmer rice videos have created a momentum in Benin and across Africa, particularly within the current context of fast changes within the agricultural systems. The new established non-governmental organization Access Agriculture aims at additional supporting video-mediated learning in developing countries. [3]

Educational Work of the Ministry of Agriculture

THE Intelligence Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has issued a Report on the work of the department for the years 1919–1921, that is revealed at the worth of 5s. by H.M. writing paper workplace. The duties of this department are involved with agricultural education, agricultural analysis, the agricultural coaching of ex-officers and men, gardening, the advance of live-stock, the destruction of rats, and therefore the diseases of animals. [4]

Effective Job Satisfaction on Training Needs of Agricultural Workers in Extensive Work Zone at Iraqi Provinces: A Case Study

The world is faced  with the necessity to form agriculture additional property, additional profitable, and additional productive with fewer resources to confirm continuity and development. Effective agricultural extension is one among the ways that of achieving productivity in agriculture by boosting job performance. The variations between people have a sway on individual job performances, volume and quality of labor. These variations square measure created to spot the performance, behavior and actions of workers. Thus, this study is aimed toward examining the impact of coaching on the data and attitudes of extension staff in Asian country. This study reviews the many analyses needed for the no-hit identification of coaching desires and implementation of coaching programs. Used mean and MWDS for coaching desires within the study. This study was conducted for a specific Iraqi extension employee. to realize targeted results, the processes were analyzed consistently and accurately with the participation of all concerned parties. Analysis of job satisfaction indicated a major relationship between coaching and relationship with colleagues, finances and angle with correlation coefficients of zero.197, 0.246, and 0.334, severally, at grade of zero.01. [5]


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