News Update on Agriculture Research: June – 2019

Transforming traditional agriculture.

The author concentrates on the economic downside try agriculture, presents a theoretical approach to clarify the economic stagnation of ancient agriculture, and tests his hypotheses through empirical observation. He identifies the sources of profitable economic process in remodeling ancient agriculture, and discusses investment, as well as each new material inputs and investments in farm individuals. P. [1]

Participatory learning for sustainable agriculture

Emerging proof for the success on farms of resource-conserving technologies and practices should not tempt agricultural professionals into creating prescriptions concerning what constitutes property agriculture. property may be a advanced and oppose construct, so precise definitions are not possible. The dominant scientific paradigm of positivism has served North American nation run out 3 to four centuries, however it’s not similar temperament to contexts wherever uncertainties are high, and issues are receptive interpretation. several method and philosophical alternatives to positivism have arisen from each the “hard” and “soft” sciences. These indicate that new understanding and solutions will solely arise with wide public and scientific participation. however the term “participation” has become trendy with many alternative interpretations, some preventative instead of supporting property. New systems of learning are required, victimisation democratic ways and criteria for trait. These have profound implications for agricultural professionals, WHO should currently actively produce a full new expertise. [2]

Greenhouse gas mitigation in agriculture

Agricultural lands occupy thirty seventh of the earth’s land surface. Agriculture accounts for fifty two and eighty four of worldwide anthropogenetic alkane series and inhalation general anaesthetic emissions. Agricultural soils may additionally act as a sink or supply for CO2, however world wide web flux is little. several agricultural practices will doubtless mitigate greenhouse emission (GHG) emissions, the foremost distinguished of that square measure improved cropland and lea management and restoration of degraded lands and cultivated organic soils. Lower, however still vital mitigation potential is provided by water and rice management, set-aside, land use modification and agroforestry, placental management and manure management. the world technical mitigation potential from agriculture (excluding fuel offsets from biomass) by 2030, considering all gases, is calculable to be roughly 5500–6000 Mt CO2-eq. yr−1, with economic potentials of roughly 1500–1600, 2500–2700 and 4000–4300 Mt CO2-eq. yr−1 at carbon costs of up to twenty, up to fifty and up to a hundred US$ t CO2-eq.−1, severally. additionally, GHG emissions might be reduced by substitution of fossil fuels for energy production by agricultural feedstocks (e.g. crop residues, dung and dedicated energy crops). The economic mitigation potential of biomass energy from agriculture is calculable to be 640, 2240 and sixteen 000 Mt CO2-eq. yr−1 at 0–20, 0–50 and 0–100 US$ t CO2-eq.−1, severally. [3]

A One Health approach to managing the applications and implications of nanotechnologies in agriculture

The need for acceptable science and regulation to underpin nanosafety is larger than ever as current advances in engineering are chop-chop translated into new industrial applications and nano-enabled business merchandise. still, a disconnect persists between those examining risks to human and environmental health from nanomaterials. This disconnect isn’t atypical in analysis and risk assessment and has been perpetuated within the case of designed nanomaterials by the comparatively restricted overlap in human and environmental exposure pathways. the appearance of agri-nanotechnologies brings each exaggerated want and chance to alter this establishment because it introduces vital problems with intersectionality that can’t adequately be self-addressed by current discipline-specific approaches alone. Here, specializing in the particular case of nanoparticles, we have a tendency to propose that a transdisciplinary approach, underpinned by the One Health thought, is required to support the property development of those technologies. [4]

Agricultural Transformation in Bhutan: From Peasants to Entrepreneurial Farmers

Bhutanese farmers have historically experienced integrated farming, manufacturing crops and placental mammal and utilising forest merchandise. However, they’re progressively practising entrepreneurial farming these days. The study of agricultural transformation is efficacious for understanding the evolution of Bhutan’s agriculture systems. Therefore, this study reviews the 5 elements of agriculture to blame for the transformation of Bhutanese farmers from peasants to entrepreneurial farmers: urbanisation, farm mechanisation, community establishments, high-value merchandise and youth aspirations. Given this rate of economic process and enhancements in factory farm, the amount of entrepreneurial farmers in Asian nation is probably going to rise within the future. However, relevant stakeholders should still attempt to form a contributing atmosphere for factory farm in Asian nation. [5]


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