News Update on Chitosan Composite Research: June – 2019

Iron oxide nanoparticles–chitosan composite based glucose biosensor

Iron chemical compound (Fe3O4) nanoparticles ready victimisation co-precipitation technique are spread in chitosan (CH) answer to fabricate nanocomposite film on indium–tin chemical compound (ITO) glass plate. aldohexose enzyme (GOx) has been immobilized onto this CH–Fe3O4 nanocomposite film via physical sorption. the dimensions of the Fe3O4 nanoparticles calculable victimisation diffraction (XRD) pattern and transmission microscopy (TEM) has been found to be ∼22 nm. The CH–Fe3O4 nanocomposite film and GOx/CH–Fe3O4/ITO bioelectrode are characterised victimisation UV–visible and Fourier rework infrared (FTIR) chemical analysis and scanning microscopy (SEM) techniques, severally. This GOx/CH–Fe3O4/ITO nanocomposite bioelectrode has reaction time of five s, one-dimensionality as 10–400 mg dL−1 of aldohexose, sensitivity as nine.3 μA/(mg deciliter cm2) and time period of concerning eight weeks underneath cold conditions. the worth of Michaelis–Menten (Km) constant obtained as zero.141 millimetre indicates high affinity of immobilized GOx towards the substrate (glucose). [1]

Functional Properties of Antimicrobial Lysozyme‐Chitosan Composite Films

Lysozyme‐chitosan composite films were developed for enhancing the antimicrobial properties of chitosan films. a tenth enzyme resolution was incorporated into two chitosan film‐forming solution (FFS) at a magnitude relation of third, 20%, 60%, and 100 percent (w lysozyme/w chitosan). Films were ready by solvent evaporation. enzyme unharness from the film matrix, the antimicrobial activity of films against escherichia and eubacteria faecalis, and basic film properties were investigated. The enzyme unharness proportionately inflated with increasing initial concentration of lysozyme within the film matrix, and also the quantity of free enzyme was in natural log relationship with time. The films with hr enzyme incorporation increased the inhibition effectuality of chitosan films against each S. faecalis and E. coli, where 3.8 log cycles reduction in S. faecalis and a couple of.7 log cycles reduction in E. coli were achieved. vapour porousness of the chitosan films wasn’t suffering from enzyme incorporation, whereas the enduringness and p.c elongation values attenuated with inflated enzyme concentration. Scanning microscopy pictures unconcealed that enzyme was homogeneously distributed throughout the film matrix. This study incontestable  that increased antimicrobial activity of enzyme‐chitosan composite films are often achieved by incorporating lysozyme into chitosan, therefore broadening their applications in making certain food quality and safety. [2]

Preparation and characterization of keratin–chitosan composite film

Keratin–chitosan composite film was ready by casting the mixed answer of each biopolymers in seventy fifth ethanoic acid. though albuminoid film with none additive is extremely fragile, 10–30 WTC of chitosan addition gave sturdy and versatile film (ultimate strength: 27–34 MPa, final elongation: 4–9%). alcohol (20 wt%) additionally afforded flexibility to albuminoid film (ultimate strength: one MPa, final elongation: 28%). more addition of chitosan to glycerol-containing albuminoid film inflated {the final|the last word|the final word} strength to 9–14 MPa however gave very little impact on ultimate elongation. These knowledge recommend that mechanical properties of albuminoid film area unit adjustable by suitably adding chitosan and alcohol. Waterproof characteristics like swelling behavior and mechanical properties when swelling were a lot of ameliorated for the composite film compared with albuminoid and chitosan films, severally. moreover, keratin–chitosan composite film moreover as chitosan film small bacterium range once the bacterium suspension was treated with a movie attributable to the irreversible sorption of bacterium onto the film. The composite film moreover as albuminoid and chitosan films supported formative cell attachment and proliferation, demonstrating to be a decent substrate for class cell culture. [3]

Dielectric properties: a gateway to antibacterial assay—a case study of low-density polyethylene/chitosan composite films

The material properties of low-density polyethylene–chitosan composite films were related  with their medicament properties during this work. Films were designed on the molecular level victimisation oil as a softener in an interior mixer. Maleic chemical compound and dicumyl peroxide were used as a coupling agent and a radical instigator, severally. The material properties of the composite films were studied as a perform of chitosan loading, presence of softener and variable applied frequency. The material constant of the samples was absolutely related  with the quantity of chitosan within the polyethylene matrix. The medicament properties of the composite films were additionally studied. a definite repressive zone against E. coli and staphylococci aureus developed, and this zone redoubled in diameter with chitosan loading. The low-molecular-weight chitosan-based polythene films showed vital improvement in material and medicament properties when put next with the native chitosan-based films. These studies show that the medicament properties of the developed films were complementary with their material properties. This study suggests the likelihood of victimisation the material properties of composites as a live of their medicament properties. [4]

Adsorption Isotherm and Thermodynamic Profile of Hexavalent Chromium onto Lumbang (Aleurites moluccana) Activated Carbon Chitosan Composite Crosslinked with Epichlorohydrin

Adsorption isogram and physics profile of hexavalent atomic number 24 onto lumbang (Aleurites moluccana) C chitosan composite crosslinked with epichlorohydrin were studied. The optimum conditions were known at hydrogen ion concentration three, contact time of seventy five min, adsorbent dose of three g/L, initial concentration of sixty ppm, and 30ºC temperature resulted to a removal potency of ninety three. The composite encompasses a spherical and elliptical sorption sites, contains –OH and –NH2 purposeful teams, and has augmented stability with epichlorohydrin crosslinking. The sorption method is best characterised by the Irving Langmuir isogram suggesting a monolayer sorption nature of Cr(VI). The sorption mechanics obeyed the pseudo-second order model and also the sorption method is energy-releasing. The investigated sorption development delineate a surface assimilation method, with 21.32 kJ mol-1 mean free energy, thanks to the purposeful teams known and also the high body of the adsorbent surfaces. [5]


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[4] Dielectric properties: a gateway to antibacterial assay—a case study of low-density polyethylene/chitosan composite films

Madathil Sunilkumar, Ambalakkandy Abdul Gafoor, Abdulaziz Anas, Areepuravan Parakkal Haseena & Athiyanathil Sujith

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