News Update on Streptozotocin Research: Oct – 2019

Induction of diabetes by Streptozotocin in rats

The objective of this study is to induce experimental diabetes by Streptozotocin in traditional adult Wistar rats via comparison of changes in weight, consumption of food and water, volume of weewee and levels of aldohexose, hormone and C-peptide in body fluid, between traditional and diabetic rats. Intra-venous injection of 60mg/kg dose of Streptozotocin in adult wistar rats, makes duct gland swell and finally causes degeneration in Langerhans island beta cells and induces experimental diabetes within the 2–4 days. Induction of experimental diabetes is so the primary step within the set up of purification of exocrine gland Langerhans island cells of traditional rats for transplant below the bollock hypodermic of by experimentation iatrogenic diabetic rats. Streptozotocin induces one sort of polygenic disorder that is comparable to diabetes with non-ketosis hyperglycaemia in some animal species. [1]

Genotoxicity of Streptozotocin

Streptozotocin (Streptozocin, STZ, CAS No. 18883-66-4) could be a monofunctional nitrosourea by-product isolated from actinomycete achromogenes. it’s broad spectrum antibiotic activity and antineoplastic properties and is commonly accustomed induce diabetes in experimental animals through its hepatotoxic effects on duct gland β cells. STZ could be a potent alkylating agent known  to directly methylate deoxyribonucleic acid and is very genotoxic, manufacturing deoxyribonucleic acid strand breaks, alkali-labile sites, forced deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis, deoxyribonucleic acid adducts, body aberrations, micronuclei, sister strand exchanges, and death. This antibiotic was found to be agent in microorganism assays and eukaryotic  cells. STZ is additionally carcinogenic; one administration induces tumors in rat excretory organ, liver, and exocrine gland. many lines of proof indicate that free radicals are concerned within the production of deoxyribonucleic acid and body harm by this compound. [2]

Streptozotocin-induced pancreatic insulitis: new model of diabetes mellitus

Multiple little injections of streptozotocin in mice turn out duct gland insulitis, with progression to almost complete cell destruction and diabetes. The temporal arrangement and look of the inflammatory island lesions counsel however don’t prove that streptozotocin acts by initiating a cell-mediated immunologic response. Ultrastructural proof of plentiful kind C viruses inside beta cells of treated mice suggests that streptozotocin might activate murine cancer virus in vivo in inclined hosts. [3]

Histological evidence of chitosan-encapsulated curcumin suppresses heart and kidney damages on streptozotocin-induced type-1 diabetes in mice model

High glucose in diabetic patients usually causes vas diseases (CVDs) that threats to human life. Curcumin (Cur) is thought as associate degree inhibitor agent, possesses medicament activity, and prevents CVDs. However, the clinical application of curcumin was restricted because of its low bioavailability. This study aimed to research the bettering effects of chitosan-encapsulated curcumin (CEC) on heart and urinary organ damages in streptozotocin-induced type-1 polygenic disorder C57BL/6 mice model. The results showed that Cur- and CEC-treatments downregulated the blood glucose and total steroid alcohol level moreover as increased hypoglycaemic agent secretion. However, pressure, triglycerides content, and really low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol content weren’t modified. [4]

Anti- diabetic and Antioxidant Effects of Grapefruit, Mango and Strawberry Juice in Streptozotocin – Induced Diabetic Rats

Aim: The aim of the current study is to judge the phytochemical screening of mango, grapefruit and strawberry juice exploitation HPLC and to analyze the anti- diabetic and inhibitor effects of grapefruit, mango and strawberry juice in streptozotocin – induced  diabetic rats

Methodology: Mango, grapefruit and strawberry juice were orally administered at a dose of 1ml/100g body weight/day to streptozotocin – induced  diabetic rats for four weeks. Blood samples were collected for analysis of blood serum triglycerides (TAG), glucose, Insulin, total lipoid (TL), total cholesterin (TC), LDL (LDL) and lipoprotein (HDL) in diabetic rats compared with management negative rats and diabetic rats exhausted totally different beverage.

Results: The results showed that mango has the very best levels of supermolecule, crude fiber, ash content and total carbohydrates (0.82, 0.72, 0.51 and 9.61 g/100g contemporary weight) followed by strawberry (0.50, 0.35, 0.27 and 8.95 g/100g contemporary weight) and grapefruit was zero.40, 0.25, 0.19 and 8.76 g/100g contemporary weight, severally. There was no important distinction the hydrogen ion concentration at twenty ºC, titratable acidity (TA) g/L, total soluble solids (TSS oBrix), Vit. C. mg/100g and density g/cm (at 20ºC) between totally different fruit juices. Results conjointly unconcealed that every one fruit juices had wealthy content of the polyphenols {and the|and therefore the|and conjointly the} results also illustrated that the mango, grapefruit, and strawberry juice oral adminstration ablated blood serum triglycerides (TAG), blood serum aldohexose, blood serum hormone, total lipoid (TL), total cholesterin (TC), LDL (LDL) and MDA in diabetic rats. On the opposite hand, oral administration of fruit juices considerably exaggerated blood serum HDL- cholesterin and changed aerophilic stress. [5]


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