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Improved Microtechnique for the Leptospiral Microscopic Agglutination Test

A method for rising the first man of science microtechnique for detective work leptospiral antibodies has been developed. concurrent titrations were performed on 281 animal and human sera and seventeen hyperimmune sera with the microscopic agglutination (MA) check and also the improved microtechnique. dependability of the improved microtechnique make up my mind severally on sixty five animal sera by 2 laboratory sections. The results obtained by comparison positive check information from human and animal sera indicated that agreement between the first MA check and this new technique exceeded ninety four, whereas the first man of science microtechnique and also the original MA check united during a most of seventy seven of the tests. This study indicates that the results obtained with the improved microtechnique square measure far more adore results obtained with the first MA check than square measure those obtained with the first man of science microtechnique. [1]

Agglutination assay

A method of sleuthing the presence Associate in Nursingd/or quantity (concentration) of an analyte during a sample is provided by forming a reaction medium containing (1) a sample; (2) a plurality of particles having a binding combine member guaranteed to their surfaces; and (3) a monovalent complementary partner to the binding pair member to that is sure an analyte mimic or analyte binding partner; and detecting the presence or amount of agglutination of the particles within the reaction medium. In some cases a polyvalent receptor capable of binding to the analyte (and to the analyte mimic, if gift) is additionally present within the reaction medium. [2]


This report deals with a rare property within the blood of a patient whose liquid body substance showed associate degree iso-agglutinin of moderate activity, that agglutinated concerning eighty per cent of the bloods of her own cluster. visible  of the very fact that this antibody attended disappear when associate degree interval of many months and also the undeniable fact that this antibody gave associate degree equally robust reaction at thirty seven and twenty C., it might appear to tally agglutinins ensuing from iso-immunization following perennial transfusions. This development is quickly reproduced in some species (cattle, chickens, rabbits), by many perennial transfusions, however within the case of man solely 2 clearcut instances of such iso-immunization to cellular components square measure delineate within the literature.1 The case to be delineate differs from these therein the immune iso-agglutinin should are stirred by an element apart from perennial transfusion. [3]

Agglutination by anti-capsular polysaccharide antibody is associated with protection against experimental human pneumococcal carriage

The ability of diplococcus conjugate immunizing agent (PCV) to decrease transmission by obstruction the acquisition of constitution has been attributed to herd immunity. we have a tendency to describe the role of membrane Ig (IgG) to capsular sugar (CPS) in mediating protection from carriage, translating our findings from a murine model to humans. we have a tendency to used a flow cytometric assay to quantify associate degreetibody-mediated agglutination demonstrating that hyperimmune sera generated against an unencapsulated mutant was poorly agglutinating. Passive immunisation with this blood serum was ineffective to dam acquisition of constitution compared to agglutinating antisera raised against the encapsulated parent strain. [4]

Production of Modified Rapid Serum Agglutination Antigen for Sero-diagnosis of Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia (CBPP)

Aims: This work was conducted to develop speedy bodily fluid blood test for Contagious Bovine pleurisy (CBPP) serodiagnosis.

Study Design: Production of 2 sorts of substance, one from T1/44 reference strain of eubacteria mycoides sub sp.  mycoides (Mmm) and also the alternative from native strain (RH).

Place and period of Study: This study was administrated at eubacteria department Central Veterinary work (CVRL) in Sudan throughout 2016-2018.

Methodology: The antigens are developed victimisation commonplace ways and evaluated using standard reference bodily fluid, c.ELISA and Latex blood test. applied math analysis victimisation Chi-square take a look at and alphabetic character agreement were applied.  [5]


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