News Update on Cataract Research: Dec – 2019

Femtosecond laser–assisted cataract surgery

Femtosecond laser–assisted cataract surgical procedure offers surgeons an thrilling new choice to probably enhance affected person results and safety. Over the beyond 2 years, four particular laser systems were brought into the marketplace. The advent of this new era has been accompanied by a host of latest medical, logistical, and economic demanding situations for surgeons. This article describes the evolution of femtosecond laser generation for use in cataract surgical procedure. It reviews the to be had laser platforms and discusses the important modifications in cataract surgical procedure method and the logistics of incorporating a femtosecond laser into one’s exercise. [1]

Hydrogen peroxide and human cataract

Oxidation of membrane, protein followed with the aid of vast oxidation of lens cytosol proteinsaccompanies the development of cataract. A possible oxidant involved in the procedure can be H2O2. Determination of in vivo H2O2 ranges in the aqueous, humor from cataract sufferers indicates a huge variety from 10 to 660 μm. In seven of 17 cataract cases, notably higher concentrations of H2O2 were referred to within the aqueous fluid than turned into located with putative normal human cases. The H2O2 concentration determined from the cataractous lens population become found to be right skewed and lognormally disbursed. The suggest aqueous H2O2 attention in cataractous patients was 69 μm (n=17) at the same time as for the putative ordinary sufferers it became 24 μm (n=five). These ordinary values have been, inside experimental blunders, similar to stages observed in different normal animal aqueous: primates 27 μm (n=6) and bovine 25 μm (n=12). [2]

Congenital Cataract Following German Measles in the Mother

In the primary half of the year, 1941, an uncommon range of instances of congenital cataract made their appearance in Sydney. Cases of similar kind, which seemed for the duration of the equal duration, have because been said from extensively separated parts of Australia. Their frequency, uncommon traits and wide distribution warranted nearer research, and this record is an attempt to convey to be aware some of the more crucial features of what would possibly nearly be regarded as a slight epidemic. [3]

Phacoemulsification Cataract Surgery Affects the Discriminative Capacity of Iris Pattern Recognition

Cataract is a common ophthalmic ailment and the main cause of blindness global. While cataract is cured through surgical methods, its effect on iris primarily based biometric recognition has no longer been efficiently studied. The key goal of this studies is to assess the impact of cataract surgical procedure on the iris texture pattern as a method of personal authentication. We put together and release the IIITD Cataract Surgery Database (CaSD) captured from 132 cataract sufferers the usage of three commercial iris sensors. A non-comparative non-randomized cohort study is carried out at the iris texture patterns in CaSD and authentication overall performance is studied using three biometric popularity systems. [4]

Effect of Methanolic Leaf Extract of Boswellia dalzielii Hutch on Ocular ATPase Profiles of Selenite-induced Cataract in Wistar Pups

The impact of methanolic leaf extract of Boswellia dalzielii Hutch on ocular ATPase of selenite-brought about cataract changed into investigated in Wistar rat pups. Nine companies of 5 pups every were used for the take a look at. Cataract become caused by means of intra-peritoneal management of 30 µmol•kg-1 body weight of sodium selenite, to companies 2 to nine, even as institution 1 acquired ordinary saline. The management of Boswellia dalzielii Hutch extract commenced 8 days post administration of selenite, and lasted for 28 days. The extract turned into orally administered to businesses five to 9, at doses of 300, four hundred, 500, six hundred and seven-hundred mg•kg-1 body weight respectively; organizations 3 and four acquired 50 mg•kg-1 body weight each of nutrients C and A respectively; even as organizations 1 and a couple of acquired water in area of the extract. Ocular activities of Na+,K+-ATPase and Mg2+ ATPase were predicted via measuring the quantity of inorganic phosphate launched through them, using ammonium molybdate reagent. The extract treated pups confirmed improved ocular Na+,K+-ATPase hobby and reduced ocular Mg2+ ATPase interest. [5]


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