Environment Friendly Magneto Hydro Dynamic Generator

Modern society requires a variety of goods and services which require energy as the diversity of range of services increases so is the demand for energy. Electrical energy because of its versatility takes major share. About 55% of electrical energy is generated by thermal stations, which is the primary cause for pollutants in air, water and soil. Coal has to be transported to thermal stations located away from coalfields by railways and power has to be transmitted over large distances from pithead stations. These problems can be eliminated or reduced by converting coal into SNG (synthetic natural gas) at pithead and transporting the gas by pipe-grid to all thermal stations. The efficiency of power station can be increased by adopting combined cycle. Topping combined cycle by MHD generators failed to materialize. THERMAL CELL is now suggested for development as a topping addition for combined cycle to further improve the efficiency.

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Dr. Yagya Dutta Dwivedi
Department of Aeronautical Engineering, Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

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