One Step towards Unification of Quantum Physics with the General Theory of Relativity by a Physically Founded Quantisation of Space and Time

From a holistic perspective of a physical space of any given size1, it is invariably necessary to consider its energy content, since no physical means exists of making a physical space completely devoid of energy. Such a space would therefore only be a fictive “geometric space” – that can be intellectually conceived and treated according to the rules of the appropriate geometry – although not existing in reality in the cosmos. Cosmic space always contains energy in one form or another, limited by the space under consideration. Therefore each space possesses an energy density – no matter how low, which never becomes zero.   Because of the mass-energy equivalence relationship E m. c2, cosmic space also possesses a mass equivalent and is therefore “materialistic” in nature. If this is considered in association with Einstein’s space-time, what is obtained instead is an “energy-time”, i.e. an energy effect”, which is based on Planck’s action quantum h. Cosmic space as a whole and every part of it is always – up from its very beginning – an energy-effect. Under this condition, a close relationship would appear to exist between the General Theory of Relativity and Quantum Physics. Furthermore, it will be shown that the physical conditions of space are such that a natural = physical quantisation of space and time exists, a necessary prerequisite for the Unification of Quantum Physics with General Theory of Relativity, thus obviating the need for any artificial or arbitrary quantisation.

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Dr. Guido Zbiral
Independent Researcher, Retiree, Klosterneuburg, Austria.

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