Flummoxing Paradox of Tuberculous Pleural Effusion


Paradoxical phenomenon is known to occur in cases of tuberculous lymphadenopathy and intracranial

tuberculomas during treatment. Paradoxical response is referred to an unusual expansion of existing

lesion or formation of a new lesion during successful anti-tubercular chemotherapy. This is not so

common in cases of pleural effusion due to tuberculosis. A case of young immmunocompetent female

is described who developed pleural effusion on opposite side within 10 days of anti-tubercular

treatment being given for pleural effusion on one side. Cytobiochemistry of the subsequent fluid from

contralateral side was different from the former effusion. Ultimately both resolved on continuation of

same treatment.


Author (s) Details

Sushil Upadhyay

Holy Family Hospital Delhi, India.


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