Physics Essay: Studying the Nature of Charge, Principle of Charge Interaction and Coulomb’s Law

What is “electronic charge”? Why there are two kinds of charges? Why do the same charges repel,
and dissimilar charges attract each other? Why does their behaviour agree with Coulomb’s Law?
These are among the most basic questions of physics. Let us assume the existence of a kind of
microparticle in the universe, which we can call an election for our purposes here. Three situations are possible:
if an object contains a surplus of electrons, it will be positively charged; if a deficit of
electrons, it will be negatively charged; if an object contains electrons equal to its expected value, in
the saturated state, it is neutral. The charged objects, containing these electons, have the ability to
exchange charged or uncharged microparticles in order to achieve a neutral state. The acting force
between two charged objects comes from the exchange of charged and uncharged microparticles.
The same charges repel, and dissimilar charges attract each other. The value of force is consistent
with Coulomb’s Law. The material homogeneous between two charged objects affects the value of
the acting force between them, but does not affect the direction.

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Zifeng Li
Petroleum Engineering Department, Yanshan University, Qinhuangdao 066004, Hebei, China.

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