The Effect of Acquiring Second Language Skills through Programmed Instruction: A Study

Acquisition of language skills is mostly through practice just like all other skills. The acquisition of
mother tongue is natural, spontaneous, effortless, without being conscious, and in real life situations.
Second language acquisition is different from the acquisition of mother tongue in many aspects. The
situation for second language learning should be approximated to the acquisition of the mother
tongue. Second language is acquired under the stress of close social contacts. Acquisition of first
language is influenced more by a second language than by a foreign language. Hence, it has a formal
position or identified operation too within the parameters of a country. It is taught in school and
colleges with the purpose of providing foreign language competence. The acquisition of language is a
process, through which people acquire the ability to see and understand language. Since
programmed instruction is a progressively monitored method of teaching in a classified order of
control step, the learners must either complete or pass one stage before moving to the next. Digital
devices, Computing machines and different modes of teaching devices are applied in it. Audio-visual
method, virtual devices, role play, hot play, etc., are used for the acquisition of language. Learners
lesser in attainment assume to get more benefitted from programmed instruction than the traditional
classroom transaction. Actual listening is an extra ordinary present of time which assists to frame
relationship deal with problem. By using speech recognition software speaking skills can be improved.

Author(s) Details

C. T. Abdul Majeed
Noorul Islam Centre for Higher Education, Kumaracoil, Thuckalay, Tamilnadu, India.

M. Ilankumaran
Noorul Islam Centre for Higher Education, Kumaracoil, Thuckalay, Tamilnadu, India.

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