Emphasizing on Production and Characterization of Zr Based Bulk Metallic Glass Matrix Composites (BMGMC) in the Form of Wedge Shape Ingots

Bulk metallic glass matrix composites (BMGMC) are unique materials of future having excellent
mechanical properties (such as high hardness, strength and profound elastic strain limit). However,
they exhibit poor ductility and suffer from catastrophic failure on the application of force. The reasons
behind this are still not very well understood. In this study, an effort has been made to overcome this
pitfall by solidification processing. Zr based BMGMCs are produced in the form of “as cast” wedges
using vacuum arc melting and suction casting button furnace. The idea is to study the effect of cooling
rate and inoculation on formability during solidification. Adjustment, manipulation and proper control of
processing parameters are observed to reflect upon the quality of ingots such as improved castability,
proper mold filling and defect free casting as characterized by NDT. Bulk metallic glass matrix
composites (BMGMC) are very sluggish and difficult to cast alloys. Vacuum melting and suction
casting is effective way to fabricate these alloys. However, extremely careful control and monitoring of
process variables is needed to form these alloys in good shape. Further, thermal analysis, optical
microscopy and hardness measurement confirmed the formation and evolution of in-situ
composite structure. This is first footprint of pathway towards sustainable manufacturing of these
alloys in future.

Author (s) Details
Muhammad Musaddique Ali Rafique
Eastern Engineering Solutions LLC, Detroit, MI, USA.

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