Utilization of Probiotic Supplemented Shea Butter Cake Meal Based Diets by Broiler Chickens

A 42-day study was conducted to investigate probiotic supplementation on shea butter cake (SBC)
based diets of broiler chickens on live weight, carcass traits and relative organ weights. A total of 280,
1-day old Arbor acres strain broiler chicks were divided into 7 dietary treatments with 4 replicates of
10 birds each in a completely randomized design. Diet 1 (control diet) has no SBC and probiotic
supplementation while remaining 6 diets contained 5, 10, and 15% levels of SBC each with (+) or
without (-) probiotic supplementation. The results showed that carcass parameters and prime cuts
weights increased (P<0.05) in birds fed probiotic-SBC diets compared to control diets. Abdominal fat
content was lower (P<0.05) in birds fed probiotic-SBC diets than those on control and non-probiotic
SBC diets. Differences in relative organ weights among all treatments were non-significant (P>0.05)
except for liver and bursa weight. In conclusion, supplementation of multi-strain probiotic improved
carcass traits, prime cut-parts and relative organ weights of broiler chickens up to 15% inclusion level.

Author (s) Details

P. C. Aguihe
Department of Animal Production, Federal College of Wildlife Management, New Bussa, Nigeria

A. S. Kehinde,
Department of Wildlife, Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria, Nigeria.

Dr. S. K. Halidu
Department of Wildlife, Federal College of Wildlife Management, New Bussa, Nigeria.

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