Approximate Inertial Coordinate System Selections for Rotation Problems: The Gravitational Field of the Celestial Body Higher than the Object being Rotated: An Observational Study

Selection of the coordinate system is essential for rotation problems. Otherwise, mistakes may occur
due to inaccurate measurement of angular speed. Approximate inertial coordinate system selections
for rotation problems should be the gravitational field of the celestial body higher than the object being
rotated: (1) the Earth fixed Cartesian coordinate system for normal rotation problem; (2) heliocentric –
a geocentric Cartesian coordinate system for satellites orbiting the Earth; (3) the Galaxy Heart –
heliocentric Cartesian coordinates for Earth’s rotation around the Sun. In astrophysics, mass
calculation error and angular velocity measurement error lead to a black hole conjecture.

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Zifeng Li
Petroleum Engineering Department, Yanshan University, Qinhuangdao 066004, Hebei, China.

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