Coaching Threshold – Architectural Altered Teaching Method Paradigm a Scientific Approach of Applied Experimental Showcase in Iraq

Due to the huge changes around the world, along with the changes occurred in core of thoughts,
technologies and environment, in which has its reflection significantly on the societies and business in
Governmental and private institutions, and due to the different visions occurred in the work
professional market, along with the accelerated occurred changes, such changes, has its impacts on
the Students mentalities, attitudes, circumstances, and their environment, in addition to the impact on
the engineering practice and architectural practice, and in order to occur educational change in
parallel, that is synchronized with the accelerated changes in the world, it became crucial to re-orient
the educational programs towards the new generations and mechanisms of educational programs that
suits with the newly different attitudes, nature, and mentality. The objective considered two
components for such new paradigm:
– Considering the core of thought of the second generation of architectural education.
– Search for the mechanisms required for such core of thought in which the self-learning mechanism
is considered as one of its pillars.
It is based on three premises:
1. To go in line, with the newly development occurred in Architectural educational programs
worldwide, especially in interacting with the core of thought related to the second generation of
architectural educational programs.
2. Considering the concept philosophy of “self-learning” along with its mechanisms in stimulating
student potentials through effective interaction.
3. Designing the program paradigm based on the two points above, to be synchronized and tailored
to the newly different student characteristics in terms of his/her circumstances, thoughts,
mentality, and environment.

Author (s) Details

Basma U. Mohammad Ali
Department of Architecture, Al-Ahliyya Amman University, Amman, Jordan.

Rafid Al Hamawandi
Department of Architecture, Al -Esraa University College, Baghdad, Iraq.

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