Investigation on the Hydrochemical Assessment of Groundwater Quality for Drinking, Domestic and Irrigation Purposes in Afigya Kwabre District, Ghana

The goal of the research was to contribute to and improve the understanding of groundwater hydrochemistry in aquifers in the study area, as well as to understand groundwater suitability for drinking , domestic and irrigation purposes. While a lot of work has been done on groundwater hydrochemistry and quality assessment in the Ashanti region of Ghana, very little detailed work has been done on the quality of groundwater supplied on a smaller scale by the aquifers within the Districts. One hundred and twenty (120) groundwater samples were taken from forty (40) boreholes in the Afigya Kwabre district of Ghana to research the hydrochemical characteristics in order to understand the current state of groundwater quality, natural processes and anthropogenic activities affecting the quality of groundwater and the suitability of groundwater for drinking , domestic and agricultural purposes. Methods used in this study include Sampling of groundwater, sample laboratory analysis, bi-plot techniques that have been applied to groundwater data. The study revealed that Na-Cl, Mixed and Na-HCO3 are the groundwater forms in the study area. The research also established silicate weathering, carbonate weathering, processes of mixing, ion exchange, and anthropogenic activities such as improper waste disposal and agrochemical application to affect the quality of groundwater in the study area. Generally, the groundwater is soft and the measurement of the groundwater water quality index shows that 87.5 percent is appropriate for drinking purposes, while 12.5 percent is unsuitable. The consistency issues found in the groundwater are low pH , high Fe, F- and Pb. The groundwater is excellent for irrigation use, with the exception of high sodium percent in some samples above 60 percent (52.5 percent).

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Victor Ofori Agyemang
Community Water and Sanitation Agency, P.O.Box 1315, Cape Coast, Ghana.

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