An Overview on Nano Drug Delivery: Challenges and Its Safety Issues

The science and technology of precisely controlling the structure of matter at the molecular level is nanotechnology. It is the use of matter and its manipulation on a small scale. At this size, atoms and molecules behave differently and have a number of fascinating and unexpected uses. By manipulating matter on the nanometer length scale and exploiting novel phenomena and properties on that length scale, nanotechnology deals with the production of useful materials , devices and systems and systems. One approach to resolving the complexities of traditional drug delivery systems focused on the production and manufacture of nanostructures is nanotechnology. Various nanostructures used in drug delivery, their manufacturing techniques and nano drug delivery problems are studied. The present subject matter focuses primarily on the various nanostructures and their problems and potential safety concerns. Certain technology-related problems in terms of drug efficacy, Stability and enforcement by drug legislation. Better understanding and implementation of nanotechnology for successful drug delivery is expected to eventually increase the efficiency of drug treatment and patient enforcement. It will be difficult to deny the possible benefits of nanotechnology and to avoid the advancement of related science, because several different fields of research have already begun to break through. However, to ensure that the technology does not become too potentially dangerous, nanotechnology can be established using guidelines.

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Dr. Bijay Kumar Sahoo
IMT Pharmacy College Puri, Sai Vihar, Gopalpur, Puri, 752004, Odisha, India.

Dr. Annada Prasad Mohapatra
IMT Pharmacy College Puri, Sai Vihar, Gopalpur, Puri, 752004, Odisha, India.

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