Discussion on a Device for Measuring 3-Phase Alternating Current at a Distance

We have done a preliminary analysis on the possibility of building a system that could test the alternating current in three phases at a distance. We wanted to raise the difficulty and chose to accept the three-phase alternating current flowing through three wires. Furthermore, we decided to consider a metre that could calculate all three currents as time functions, so that such a metre could be safely mounted on the transmission line without cutting off the line current. This research provides a brief look at the theoretical context of such a device and draws some mathematical results relevant to the device’s theory and structure. Our findings indicate that it is possible to construct such a device, given that the distances between the three current-carrying wires and the device’s two sensors are reasonably accurately known. There are ways to calculate these distances, but these are not the subject of this paper.

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Dr. Seppo Mäkinen
School of Technology, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, Vaasa, Finland.

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