Studies on the Stiffness Properties of Pinus caribaea Round Timber Logs

The current study evaluated the estimate of the longitudinal (E) and transversal (G) elasticity modulus of the round structural beams of Pinus caribaea timber in order to verify whether the relationship between the two modules of the Brazilian Standard ANBT NBR 7190 is actually reliable for this species of wood. Twenty pieces of green wood were tested with an average length, diameter and conicity of 750 cm, 30 cm and 4 percent , respectively, to conduct such an assessment. At three points of each object, two static bending tests were applied, being nondestructive and using distinct distances between supports. The relationship of length and diameter relationship (L / d) was set to be equal to 24 in the first test; however, it was set to 12 in the second test. A successive use of the Timoshenko beam theory equation, which takes into account the shearing stress effect on displacement measurements, calculated the elasticity moduli. The results of the tests were connected by means of the least square evaluation process. G = E/43 was the relation found between elasticity moduli.

Author(s) Details

André Luis Zangiácomo
Department of Engineering, Federal University of Lavras, Lavras/MG, Brazil.

Vinicius Borges de Moura Aquino
Araguaia Engineering Institute, Federal University of Southern and Southeastern Pará (UNIFESSPA), Santana do Araguaia/PA, Brazil.

André Luis Christoforo
Department of Civil Engineering (DECiv), Federal University of São Carlos, São Carlos/SP, Brazil.

Francisco Antonio Rocco Lahr
Department of Structural Engineering, São Carlos School of Engineering of São Carlos, University of São Paulo (USP), São Carlos/SP, Brazil.

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