Some Open Problems of Unitary Quantum Theory

This book deals with physical philosophy and mechanics. The book also covers key areas of unitary quantum theory and mechanics, standard model-SM, quantum electrodynamics, Maxwell equations, Schrödinger equation, Poisson equation, heterogeneous catalysis, quantum harmonic oscillator, elementary particle mass spectrum, wave packet, string theory, supersymmetry, Lorentz transformations, propagation of superluminal light, generation of energy, corpuscular-waa packet, string theory, This book contains numerous materials that are appropriate for students, scientists and scholars in this field.

In this book, data is collected together with main results of the research of Sapogin’s group after publication of the second edition book Sapogin L.G., Ryabov Yu.A., Boichenko V.A. (2015) “The Unitary Quantum Theory and a New Sources of Energy”.

Author(s) Details

Leo G. Sapogin
Department of Physics, Technical University (MADI), 64 Leningradsky pr., A-319, Moscow, 125319, Russia.

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