Recent Advancement of Computing Technology of a Method of Control Volume for Obtaining of the Approximate Analytical Solution One-dimensional Convection-diffusion Problems

The research aims to investigate the computing technologies of a volume control approach to obtain one-dimensional convection-diffusion issues from the estimated analytical solution. In several fields of applied sciences and engineering, convection diffusion problems occur frequently. They occur in areas where mathematical modelling, such as physics, engineering, and especially in fluid dynamics and transport problems, is important. The solution of the problem convection-diffusion equation is considered by way of the process of control volume. Approximate problem solving is achieved. There is a high resolution three-point scheme developed. It is possible to increase the consistency of the differential scheme by using MPG (moving grid method). An increase in the accuracy of the different convective-diffusion problem schemes using Richardson extrapolation is given. Numerical calculations were performed based on the established algorithm. The solution derivation algorithm is based on the control volume process. The analytical solution enables the compact scheme to be developed, too.

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U. Dalabaev
Department of Mathematics Modeling and Informatics, University of World Economy and Diplomacy, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

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