Dental Stem Cells on Novel Scaffold for Repairing the Bone Defect in Experimental Animals

It has been shown that dental stem cells are a prospective method for treating bone loss. This research was carried out to determine the osteogenic potential of children’s dental pulp stem cells per se and in conjunction with growth factor added in induced essential bony defects in the mandible of dogs. Objectives: In vitro differentiation of dental stem cells from children’s primary exfoliated teeth into osteogenic potentials, implantation on the correct scaffold and evaluation and comparison of h Methods: SHED has been isolated and analysed from the dental pulp of exfoliated deciduous teeth. Cell counting has been used to analyse the proliferative ability of cultured cells. In vitro biological characteristics were determined for SHEDs, absorbable scaffolds and growth factors. Histologically and radiographically, mineralization was measured. Results: After twelve weeks, the histological sample showed an advanced anastomosing network of bony trabeculae with continuity to the old original bone. The newly formed bone tended to have newly formed, more structured bones. Bone defect photomicrograph of the control group showing newly formed bone (arrows) in bone defect and osteocyte lacunae (L) and broad fibrous bone marrow space (H&E x200) when in SHED and GF in scaffolds showing newly formed bone (arrows) in bone defect, wide osteocytes (OC) in their lacunae and wide bone marrow (BM). Osteoblasts (OB) signify active bone formation by rimming (H&E x200). Conclusion: SHED transplantation with scaffolds and GF can serve as an example of cell-based bone regeneration treatment for skeletal defects. Our information indicates that mineralized collagen is a promising candidate for use as a scaffold in bone tissue engineering.

Author (s) Details

Sally Kamal El Din Mohamed
Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry Department, National Research Center, Egypt.

Nevine Gamil Waly
Pediatric Dentistry Department, Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt.

Eman H. A. Aboul-Ezz
Department of Basic Dental Science, National Research Centre, Egypt.

Mohammed Ayad Abdel Hameed
Faculty of Veterinary, Cairo University, Egypt.

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