Studying the Barriers of Asthma Care among Asthmatic Children in Saudi Arabia: Maternal Perspectives

In the management of asthma, there are challenges that can influence the quality of performance. The purpose of this research is to investigate these obstacles. A cross-sectional analysis was carried out on interview data obtained in 2019 from mothers of children (aged 6-12 years) with asthma visiting a public shopping mall for convenience. The interviewees were chosen at random, since they met the requirements for inclusion. If the mother replied “yes” to the following questions, participants were considered: has your child had asthma diagnosed by a physician? Is your child taking asthma medication for asthma at the moment? The interviews were performed by two community nurses. Using administrative questionnaires, data was collected. SPSS version 21.0 (IBM Inc., Chicago, IL , USA) was used to analyse the data. In this study, three hundred mothers participated. Their average age was 36.8 years, 55% were occupational housekeepers, and 34% earned less than high school education. Most kids (61 percent) were males, 45 percent were males, Environmental factors, led by health care providers, the health care system, and patient or family characteristics, were the most frequent forms of obstacles found by parents. In particular, mothers were worried about the use, protection and long-term risks of drugs, the effect of exercise restrictions on the quality of life of their children, and their own quality of life. In Saudi Arabia, this study revealed many obstacles to asthma treatment, mainly linked to environmental or personal characteristics. This highlights the need to improve existing policies to address these hurdles within the health care system in Saudi Arabia.

Author(s) Details

Meshaal Alanazi
Department of Emergency Medical Services, Saudi Red Crescent Authority, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia.

Abeer Alatawi
Department of Nursing, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, Tabuk University, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia.

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