Halophilic Archaea: Diversity and Biotechnological Applications

New developments in understanding the physiology, metabolism, biochemistry, and molecular biology of haloarchaea suggest that in response to the harsh conditions of their environments, these forms of microorganisms develop many compounds. The complete metabolic and genetic machinery is therefore completely adapted to the starvation of carbohydrates, high sunlight and high ionic strength. Some of the primary and secondary metabolites produced by haloarchaea are of high interest in terms of potential biotechnological uses because of these adaptations. The chapter’s main objective is to provide a study of the diversity of haloarchaea and their possible biotechnological applications.

Author (s) Details

Dr. Naïma Bou m’handi
Seafood Processing Technology Center (CSVTPM), National Research Institute of Marine Fisheries (INRH), BP: 1050, Agadir, Morocco.

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