A Review on ESL Learners’ Challenges and English Educators’ Teaching Approaches in Teaching Speaking Skill in an ESL Classroom

Owing to the high value and demand that lead to effective communication around the world, speaking competence is one of the foremost basic skills to be excelled. Despite the fact, as second language learners (ESL), there are many English learners who are still fighting to speak a better English language. This paper has been designed to lay out and point out several difficulties faced by ESL learners in learning speaking skills, along with the potential teaching strategies of English educators in teaching speaking skills in an ESL classroom, in order to raise awareness of this situation. Low self-motivation and self-confidence, anxiety, inhibition, and minimal awareness of vocabulary are the challenges faced by ESL learners. Subsequently, it is important to discover the methods used by English teachers in overcoming the speech barriers in ESL learners, thus providing them with a handful in preparing to speak the language better. Accordingly, the feasible methods that English educators have shown to be successful include the use of social media such as Instagram, flipped classroom, discussions, group work or pairwork, and games as learning activities. Such strategies will be a reference and help for other educators around the world to adapt and embrace the principles according to the nature of the learners.

Author(s) Details

Agatheswari Paneerselvam
Faculty of Education, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, Malaysia.

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