Design, Synthesis of Sulfadiazine and Sulfisoxazole Guanidine Derivatives as Promising Anti-TB agents: An in-silico and in-vitro Approach

The physiologically active compounds of Guanidine display a number of activities such as antidiabetic, antimicrobial, antiviral, anticancer, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, etc. The composition of imide urea is similar to guanidine, so the chemistry and properties of guanidine are similar to imide urea. Guanidine is one of the most attractive pharmacophores because of its broad range of pharmacological and biological activities. The presence of the -CN3 group in guanidine compounds allows them to have an important affinity for a wide variety of biochemical activities for different substituents. Novel Sulfadiazine/Sulfisoxazole guanidine derivatives were synthesised in the present study and characterised by spectral tests of FT-IR, LCMS and NMR. The synthesised compounds were screened for anti-TB activity and an InhA protein molecular docking analysis was performed. GLIDE calculated the molecule docking trials of ligands and proteins. The operation was ranked on the basis of the docking score. Compounds with electron donation groups were found to have exhibited superior behaviour.

Author(s) Details

Dr. Mahesh Bhat
Department of PG Chemistry, JSS College for Women, Saraswathipuram, Mysore-570 009 Karnataka, India.

Dr. B. K. Sagar
Department of Chemistry, MDRPU Science College, VARAKODU, Mysore-570 010, Karnataka, India.

Dr. E. Vijaya Sekhar
Department of PG Chemistry, JSS College for Women, Saraswathipuram, Mysore-570 009 Karnataka, India.

Dr. M. Supreeth
Department of Microbiology, School of Life Sciences, JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research, Mysuru-570 015, Karnataka, India.

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