Challenges and Success Factors in Introducing Information Systems for Students’ Online Registration: A Case Study of a University of Technology

Information Technology (IT) ventures keep struggling, despite years of history and countless methodologies, guidance and books. The implementation of an information system is a risk-filled road for every organisation, and the decision to implement an IS typically follows the organization’s need to increase productivity and effectiveness. The research aims to find out the obstacles and success factors in the implementation of online registration information systems for students. A positivist, quantitative approach that is used to evaluate objective hypotheses by analysing the relationship between variables adopted the methods used in this analysis. First year and fourth year (BTech) students in the business faculty’s management and project management department were the target population for this research. The difficulties and progress of registration clearly demonstrate that South Africa, as a developing nation, will gain access to online student registration studies conducted in developed countries. For online registration for students. Therefore, as further research would be useful, this subject is expected to attract scholars and practitioners within this area.

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Stanley Fore
Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa.

Sharon Chironziwa Chipeperekwa
Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa.

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