A Brief Discussion on the Philosophy – Psychology Linkage

Two questions about the subject are explored in the Essay: a. If there is some link between Psychology and Philosophy, and b. What is the essence of this interconnection? Currently, the author replies that there is already such a linkage. In fact, these two disciplines are complementary rather than competitive, like two sides of the same coin. The author examines 3 hypothetical cases to explain these points, analysing the whole individual-organization complex. The Essay outlines the essence and curiosity of Adam and Eve, attributes that inspired them in their quest for wisdom. This action also made them the fore-parents of all the explorers who preceded them, adventurers and researchers. In addition, the author shows how the incorrect use of ideological arguments damages and subdues individuals. Finally, the author supports the adoption of the “Normal Distribution Method” and the “Bell type Curve” as key instruments in social science teaching and research. Promoting interdisciplinary study and analysis, encouraging mind-opening and innovative thinking, while promoting collaboration and cooperation through the use of normal distribution studies. We hope that when philosophers are able to talk to people and psychologists enjoy explaining stars, stronger and more important outcomes can be achieved.

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Amos Avny
Omnidev International, Yehud, Israel.

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