Monitoring the Upgraded Democracy Adjusted for the 21st Century

The author explores how Democracy, the world’s leading system of government, blends with the immense changes that have occurred in the world in the 21st century. Technology induces many changes that have often arisen before individuals and their organisations are able to digest them and competently. The author proposes several approaches and models to help nations carry out the initiative to revise and develop their running systems. The author offers a two-aspect methodology, built from conceptual and psychological approaches, to carry out this task. They are: the philosophical side of the brain-the objective way of thought, and the psychological approach, reflecting the emotions of the inner self-the emotional strategy against real events. This two-aspect approach allows one to evaluate and understand political affairs as well. The principal path and the political establishment objectives would remain elusive and vague without a general philosophical observation. The motives, motors, and human concerns can not be appreciated without a psychological awareness of the participants, both leaders and followers. The picture acknowledged and the information gained are much more complete and important by using these two complementary approaches.

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Amos Avny
Omnidev International, Yehud, Israel.

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