Consumer’s Process of Adopting Imported Products: Main and Moderating Effects

The method of adopting an imported product by the customer varies somewhat from adopting a domestic product. Many of the differences relate to the design of the product, such as the phases where the process and its context impact the process, while other differences relate to the country of origin of the product being imported. They typically prefer to associate the product with a country when consumers decide to follow an imported product. There are ties to history, concepts and social practises that are typical of this relationship in the country of origin. However, the dominant degree of business growth in the country of origin seems to be the most influential. The level of the market, in addition, The development that prevails in the buying country (where the customer resides) also tends to play a role. This analysis therefore explores (1) the steps taken by the consumer in the process of accepting imported goods, (2) the impact of the process on the intention of the consumer to buy, (3) the influence of the degree of market growth of the country of origin of the imported product on the intention of the consumer to buy, and (4) the mitigating effects of social influence and previous knowledge of the product on the process. The findings of a survey of 491 participants from Mexico and the United States revealed: 1) a chain of explanations showing sequential impacts from customer expectations to behavioural actions in the process. Purpose, to pick products, to analyse products, to approve products, and to  Intention to buy, 2) major differences in the intent of the buyer to buy due to the distinct intention to buy, 2)  The mechanism used for the adoption of imported goods and the effect on the level of market growth  Method, and 3) a moderating impact on the process of social control and prior product awareness  Adopting goods that are imported. The main theoretical and practical consequences of the findings are also  Contemplated.

Author (s) Details

Dr. Miguel Sahagun
High Point University (HPU), USA.

Dr. Arturo Z. Vasquez-Parraga
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV), USA.

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