Studies on the Artificial Equilibrium Points in the Circular Restricted Problem of 2+2 Bodies

The present work studies the stability state of artificial equilibrium points of central control of the planar circular restricted problem of 2+2 bodies (PCRP2+2B) and also its variant when an oblate spheroid is taken to be the form of greater mass. The problem is really a generalisation of the classical confined problem of three bodies under our investigation (CRP3B). We find a system of primary masses in nature that communicate with each other and their movement is entirely determined by their interactions. We notice that in the option of artificial equilibrium stage, the paper will be of great application
(AEP) in the vicinity of a multitude of planets, e.g. Jupiter or the bodies that provide a model of the studied problem. To have an arbitrary point as a chosen starter, the minimum thrust would save a quantum of energy to be applied. This minimal thrust would be of great benefit for solar sailing and magnetic force. It is concluded that the presence of a primary with the form of an oblate spheroid reduces the thrust and it is an advantage over the case when the shape is circular or when the bodies are taken as point masses.

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Dr. Kumari Ranjana
University of Delhi, New Delhi, India.

Dr. Vijay Kumar
L. S. College, BRA Bihar University, Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India.

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