Study on Real Hilbert Spaces Theory of Measurements

Within the mathematical context of a real Hilbert space, we present an alternative version of non-relativistic Newtonian mechanics. The physics of this device has been shown to conform to the standard formulation. Non-relativistic quantum mechanics from Heisenberg-Schrödinger is considered to be adequate and complete. The present paper is primarily concerned with issues related to the theory of measurement. We are operating within the classical universe in a reflection of Heisenberg. For events associated with the dynamics of the physical environment, the Hilbert space tends to be uniquely defined and static and plays the function of a passive arena. Time-space In the traditional formulation of Newtonian mechanics, the continuum plays a similar role. Since the suggested theory is dispersion-free, according to the spectral decomposition theorem for self-adjoint operators, the linear superposition principle, while not violated, does not affect measurement performance (the collapse of the wave function).

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Daniel Sepunaru
RCQCE – Research Center for Quantum Communication, Holon Academic Institute of Technology, 52 Golomb St., Holon 58102, Israel.

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