Detailed Study of Spindle Drives for Boring Machines

This paper discusses the key specifications of a class of boring machines with digital programme control for electric drive systems. On this basis, a technique is provided for selecting the spindle drives. The basic features of the technical methods, the handled materials, the equipment used and their wear, as well as the types of mechanical gear, are taken into account in the algorithm. The experimental tests of the electrical drives for the spindle that were introduced are presented and discussed. The study of their dynamic and static operating regimes showed that good performance could be assured by such drives. For the study class of machine tools, the analysis carried out and the results obtained can be used in the production of such drives.

Author (s) Details

Marin Zhilevski
Faculty of Automatics, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria.

Mikho Mikhov
Faculty of Automatics, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria.

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