Study on Universes Being Invisible on Earth Outside the Portals Are Visible in Portals

In order to justify relativistic formulas obtained therein within the space of real numbers, the developers of the new version of the special theory of relativity had to use the concept of light speed non-excess. The theory suggested that only our observable world existed and that physical material was absent in imaginary numbers. Since the theory, however, is just a postulate, i.e. an unproven belief, there has always been little legitimacy. The paper refutes the theory of imaginary numbers by the experimentally established physical fact principle. Relativistic formulas of the actual physical existence of imaginary numbers are, as follows, relativistic formulas of the present The STR version is inaccurate and clarified wrongly, and the conclusions drawn from them are mistaken. In other words, this version is inaccurate and, thus, in the 20th century, the STR was not actually developed. In addition, in the 20th century, it could not be produced, as its creation involved experimental data obtained in the 21st century. An alternative version of the STR containing relativistic formulas corrected by experimental data obtained in the 21st century is given in the paper. Such formulas say that, instead of the Monoverse formula, Astronomical discoveries in portals, where worlds not observable beyond portals become partly visible, have proven experimental. Constellations seen within the portals in the starry sky are also distinct from those observed in our visible universe. The revised alternative version of the STR reveals the presence of an unseen, and still considerably unknown, universe that the science of the future has yet to explore. The alternative version of the special theory of relativity can also solve other problems of astrophysics successfully. It can explain, in particular, where antimatter is located and why it does not annihilate matter, as As well as the position of tachyons and why they are not  The theory of causality is broken, etc.

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Alexander Alexandrovich Antonov
Independent Researcher, Kiev, Ukraine.

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