Pragmatics: Why do We Need It?

In culture, interactions between individuals are inevitable. Many invisible meanings give space to these interactions. Whose inquiry is known as pragmatics. Pragmatics, in other words, is the linguistic area in which invisible meanings are found. The manner in which language is used is dealt with. The meaning of the speaker, the meaning of the word, or even the meaning of the sentence, the context, the understanding of the listener, the language used, are taken into account. The way that social distance is conveyed is often focused on what is communicated rather than what is said. Pragmatics considers debate as an agency. No one is able to talk the way he wants in a given situation. There are norms, say criteria to be collected for every situation to be legitimised. As meaning is not external to the context waiting to be taken, we need pragmatics as a useful tool for taming darkness in communication. Rather, it is the product of the complex behaviour of the participants of the debate, ranging from explanations, effects and implications.

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Zorobi Philippe TOH
Alassane Ouattara University, Côte d’Ivoire.

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