Monitring the Total Quality Management Practices and Their Effects on the Quality Performance of Jordanian Private Hospitals

The healthcare delivery service becomes more complicated, demanding, and sophisticated for leaders, vendors, and employees because of the competitive, nuanced, and dynamic environment in which hospitals work. This study aims to assess the level of implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) and analyse the relationship between TQM dimensions and quality performance in the accredited As the primary collection of data, the analysis used a survey questionnaire. 330 were the total respondents used, with 140 respondents from five Private Jordanian Hospitals, resulting in a response rate of 42.4 percent. To research data analyses, confirmatory factor analyses (CFA) and multiple linear regression were used. The findings showed that the degree of implementation of TQM at Private Jordanian Hospitals was high. In addition, TQM dimensions with quality performance were found to be important. The study found that dedication to leadership and quality support, strategic quality planning, data and knowledge, training and interaction, customer focus, and continuous improvement have been found to have major impacts on quality efficiency. The results presented empirical evidence that in the accredited Jordanian Private Hospitals, the TQM implementation level was high. This research will raise the interest of TQM’s essential strategy, which could help managers of hospitals have an improved understanding of the benefits of TQM practise and thus enable quality performance within their hospitals.

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Sultan Alshourah
Business Department, College of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Zarqa University, Zarqa, Jordan.

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