Discussion on Rational Mind and Heuristics in Medical Diagnostic Decision Making

The most critical process of patient care is the medical diagnostic mark. It is not easy but very important to make diagnostic decisions. Diagnosis is a crucial aspect of health care because it impacts not just the patient, but society as a whole. The decision process includes the caregiver’s thought process, which functions differently in emergencies and in outpatient clinics. In coping with emergencies, the heuristic component of the mind is more powerful than the slower examination of the mind in an outpatient environment. In fast decisions and emergency response, the heuristic approach is beneficial, while the slower step-by-step approach to outpatient treatment can help to minimize inquiries, medical mistakes and care costs. In the emergency environment, a properly configured and qualified system1 needs to play a dominant position. In the outpatient environment, the activated and time consuming system2 needs to be more involved. In both outpatient and emergency settings, the combination of system1 and system will possibly provide the most likely diagnosis. The article also offers an evidence-based template based on positive and negative probability ratios for predicting the disease phase.

Author (s) Details

Dr. T. Anil Kumar
Department of Medicine, Esic Medical College, Rajajinagar, Bangalore, India.

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