Concepts of Green Chemistry

The new and rapidly evolving branch of chemistry is Green chemistry. It is a theory and review of the production of goods or substances that will not be hazardous to the environment. It is a modern chemistry science that deals with the application of eco-friendly chemical compounds, such as in daily life applications, in different areas of our lives. This field of chemistry was established by the need to prevent chemical hazards to the body of humans and animals caused by organic and inorganic compounds. In deciding the quality of modern life, chemistry plays a critical role. A vast range of important products, from plastics to pharmaceuticals, are supplied to us by the chemical industry and other associated industries. These industries, however, have the ability to severely harm our climate. Therefore, green chemistry serves to encourage the design and effective use of chemicals and chemical processes that are environmentally benign. In our day-to-day lives, this note introduces the ideals and definitions of green chemistry.

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Dr. Umakant Chanshetti
Jawahar Arts, Science & Commerce College, Anadur, Dist: Osmanabad, MS (413 603), India.

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