Emphasizing Ethnocentrism and Nation. Reflection on Blocking Factors the Birth of the African Subject

In order to classify the worlds of significance that they contain and examine their importance in the construction of the country, the article challenges the principles of ethnocentrism and nation. Obstacles stretch this path from the perspective of this construction, and prevent the birth of the African subject, the very one who is the main. The object of the article is to provide the necessary instruments for the development of a national conscience, a pledge to reinforce the patriotic bond and citizenship. The nation can not be established without the contribution of all ethnic identities in the current configurations of African “states.” And if, as Victor Hugo has well pointed out, “opening a school is closing a prison,” the school must be the crucible from which the so-called change of mindset will begin, a comprehensive reform of both the republic’s institutions and educational programs that must take Africa’s realities into account and adapt to the world’s challenges today. It is unlikely for the young African republics to become nations and to embark on the road of emergence without this national consciousness.

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Mbemba-Mpandzou Anselme
Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Marien Ngouabi University, Brazzaville, Congo.

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