Overcoming Creative Block and Generating Innovative Ideas for Development: Heuristics for Art/Design

The generation of ideas and concepts is the center of material culture’s creativity, growth and development. Nevertheless, during the product creation process, creative people frequently get lost or bereft of ideas (not resulting from physical, physiological, or psychological disturbances but from prevalence unawareness of strategies for creating ideas). This is an issue that paralyzes artistic efforts with significant implications, in particular for the artist/designer, and creation in general. As a panacea, this paper therefore concentrated on heuristics to produce new development ideas with special emphasis on art/design. A triangulation of approaches is used toward this end: critical-historical-analytical study, creative discovery, and content analysis. The paper introduced the reader to the need for strategies that improve creativity to generate new ideas, stimulate creative thinking, and encourage intrinsic motivation. In addition, it highlighted the multi-faceted process of development of material culture that includes imagination, production/use of information, and generation of form. The paper also presented heuristics for new ideas in the creation of material culture, which involve brainstorming, design questioning, Six honest serving men, Pentad, and perspectives of Tagmemics/Shifting. In developing concepts for form-generation in art/design, these are found to be critical for performance. The paper ended with the need for artists/designers to be familiar with, internalize, and use these heuristics to optimally produce new ideas with acceptable results for product creation.

Author(s) Details

Ebigbagha Zifegha Sylvester
Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

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