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“Aharnish Sevamahe” vguÊ’k lsokegs “Eternally at every moment in the Service of Humanity.” This is my life’s motto.

The biggest producer of medical graduates will be India. In other words, the welfare of the world will be the responsibility of any Indian medical graduate. In India, we are keen to improve the state of affairs of our country’s medical education and health facilities for every citizen of our country.

An characteristic of the trained and enlightened is to be ready for improvement. Illiterate people are not only those who are unable to read or write in the 21st century, but more often they are those who may not want to adapt or do not want to embrace change. In both content and delivery, Medical Education has seen immense improvement. The structure is in place and the incremental improvements required have been incorporated over and over again by people in the hierarchy of transitions in the education system.

So if we have to face the growing demands of the dynamics of these changes, we don’t have to make many attempts to reform the structure as much as people’s attitude towards this change.

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Prof. Dr. Vithalrao Dandge
R.D. Gardi Medical College, Ujjain (MP), India.

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